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Private party

Looking for a Creative party just for you and your friends?

Our creative sessions are available for private booking at our Mindarie studio or at your venue!

Elevate Your Celebration with iCreated Studio's Mobile Art & Craft Extravaganza!

Looking for more than just a paint party? Dive into a world of artistic possibilities with iCreated Studio's Mobile Art & Craft Services! Our multi-skilled artists bring a diverse range of creative experiences, turning any gathering into a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Beyond Paint Parties - Explore Art & Craft Galore: iCreated Studio goes above and beyond by offering a spectrum of art and craft activities, ensuring there's something for everyone! From the trendy Boho Planter Making session to the delightful world of candle and soap making and beyond, our talented artists bring a variety of creative options to your doorstep.

Multi-Skilled Artists: Our artists are not limited to painting; they are a talented bunch with a wide range of skills. Whether it's moulding clay, arranging flowers, or crafting personalized candles, our team of multi-skilled artists will turn your event into a creative haven. Immerse yourself in the joy of creation with iCreated Studio!

Why Choose iCreated Studio's Mobile Art & Craft Services? 

Variety: Our diverse range of art and craft activities ensures there's something for everyone, making your event truly inclusive and memorable.

Expert Guidance: Our multi-skilled artists provide expert guidance, ensuring every participant creates a unique and impressive masterpiece.

Convenience: We bring the creative magic to you, handling all the logistics and setup, so you can focus on enjoying the experience.

Personalised Touch: Tailor your event with a mix of activities that suit your preferences, creating a customised celebration that reflects your unique style.

Book Your iCreated Studio Mobile Art & Craft Extravaganza Today! 

Ready to elevate your celebration? Contact iCreated Studio now to book our Mobile Art & Craft Services. From Boho Planter Making to candle and soap crafting, let your creativity soar with iCreated Studio!

Call us at 0429 696 009 or drop us an EMAIL to schedule your unforgettable art-filled celebration today.

Discover the joy of creativity with iCreated Studio!

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